Saturday, January 12, 2013


I am an UNHAPPY camper.  I loaded google chrome (yes I know I should have used caps for google chrome) it didn't work so I guess for the future you won't see any pics on my blog. I am pissed (yes I know it isn't a nice word but it is better than the ones I am thinking).  I am tired of the "know it all 'the collective is ALWAYS right" idiots that think new is better and 'do not argue with the all knowing I am smarter than everyone else' ding a lings. Thank goodness I am getting old. I won't have to put up with this crap much longer. I think (thank goodness) the world has passed me by.  While I have never been on the cutting edge of technology I have tried to keep up at least with the things that affect me. I do not understand (or maybe I do) why 'simple' is not the desired result of improvements. The powers that be don't want anything to be simple because then there would not be any reason for the existence of 'the powers that be'. I recently read an interesting article about how easy it is for 'smart TVs' to be programed to allow for the watching and listening to folks in the room with the 'smart TV'. Take the time to really think about that. Your TV in Your room!!  I read another article about 'cloud storage' and how easy it is for 'non-authorized' persons to access your storage in 'the cloud'.  I think technology has reached the point of decreasing dividends.  There is no privacy any more. There is no 'easy' or 'simple' any more. I realize that my blog is available to anyone one on the internet, therefore I have not put anything on the net that I don't mind sharing with 'anyone'.  Of course there is a significant group of folks that believe there should not be any kind of privacy any more. Which brings me back to my original problem.  I am being forced to allow access to my things by anyone whether I want to or not. I do not; therefore, for the fore seeable future I will not have any more pics on my blog. I am tired of being forced into corners I don't want to enter.  I had fun with my camera. I have taken the batteries out and have no plans to put them back in anytime soon.  I have used Picasa ~ it is a piece of garbage.  I will not be forced to use it again. 
Folks, if you believe in God ~ pray and pray hard.
The world as we used to know it is changing and not for the better.
May God shed is blessings on each of you.
ps I will post again ~ but ~ not with pics.


Leaping Frog Design's said...

Mary..I understand your frustration with our "New Normal" it sucks. I do have a recommendation for you. You do not have to switch to google chrome. You can stay with your explorer and only go into chrome when you need to. I switch back and forth. I would not of known this if my techie husband had not told me. I agree with you that this new way of doing business is actually sending us backwards. We are like lemmings running to the cliff.

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

we are becoming sheeple. very sad. soon we won't have any "rights" or privacy.
I use Firefox. so far so good !