Saturday, April 11, 2009


Well as "they say" life goes on with spring storms in the South. Yesterday was one of those days. Stayed close to the TV and watched the clouds. Don still has not had a chance to see what real 'spring storms' are in Alabama. We did have a little hail yesterday from "pea" sized to dime sized and thank goodness it didn't last long. We were on the edge of that storm. My friend Rheba was staying over on Lay Lake and they had golf ball sized hail. Covered the yard and they have the pictures to prove it. I didn't take any pics of our hail, the camera wasn't handy.
I have spent the day running around. I went on a hunt early this morning trying to find my box of empty picture frames. Never found it, but then Don has been trying to help me straighten up the craft stuff, so I have misplaced more than my usual amount of stuff. I finally found my box of embroidery floss. Hard to lose a 3 foot storage box of floss (that is right I said 3 FOOT) but I did. Anyway I gave up on the frames and went for a trip to the local thrift store. ANY excuse to go to the thrift store is a good excuse. Found some interesting frames to use with my beaded fish and sea pieces. When they are finished you will be the first to see them.
Well I guess that is about all there is to tell tonight. The TV says we will have more storms starting late Sunday nite. I really do feel for the folks that lost loved ones and homes and business in these last storms. The Weather channel says these next storms will track pretty close to the same as the Friday storms. The folks that were hit deserve our prayers and help. You never know when the next storms will be knocking on our doors. Have a Blessed Easter. Mary

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